Recover / Fix A Corrupt NTFS Partition

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Recover / Fix A Corrupt NTFS Partition

Corrupt PartitionI know how frustrating it is when a hard disk partition get corrupted. You have valuable data in there, the PC may not even boot.

You may have seen the popup saying "The disk in drive X: is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?"

This may be the internal hard disk or USB external storage drives.

If you are in Windows, here is the very first thing to do before searching for partition recovery tools...

> chkdsk /F <DRIVE>

For example:

> chkdsk /F D:

If Windows is not booting at all, follow these steps:

1. Boot from Windows CD/DVD.

- Modify BIOS options to let you boot from CD.

- Insert Windows disk and reboot.

2. Wait for Windows to start setup.

- Wait until you see the message saying "Welcome to Setup".

3. Start Recovery Console.

- The message on the bottom will say "ENTER=Continue R=Repair F3=Quit".

- Press "R".

- When your are asked to select the Windows installation to use, enter the number corresponding to your Windows (1 if only one Windows installation) and press ENTER.

- When prompted for "Administrator password", enter your Windows administrator password.

- You will be in Recovery Console now.

Now you can use recovery commands from the console, like...

> fdisk /mbr

for fixing Master Boot Record (MBR).

Did this work for you? Comments...

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