Raspberry Pi

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi Logo A PC for $35 / INR 3000... it's the Raspberry Pi and it fits into your pocket!

What can you do with it...

- Play full HD (1080p) videos through HDMI output.
- Torrent downloads 24x7.
- Browse the internet.
- Create hobby electronic projects around the pi board.
and so on...
Raspberry Pi Basic configuration for a Raspberry Pi Model B:

- 700 MHz ARM Processor
- Separate GPU at 250MHz
- 512 MB RAM

What about the keyboard? Here you go...

It has 2 USB ports which can be used to connect keyboard, mouse, card reader, external HDD etc.
It has 1 HDMI port and 1 Composite RCA port for video and a 3.5 mm jack for audio.
It has 10/100 Ethernet port for networking.
It has a micro USB port for power which draws 3.5 Watts.

Raspbian DesktopWhere do I run Windows 8? Well you can't...

Raspberry Pi runs with a bootable SD card having a variant of Debian Linux called Raspbian.

What else? It has 8 × GPIO, UART, I2C bus, SPI bus and I2S audio for interfacing with other hardware.

I have been using it for around a year and I really love it. The PI will run 8 days for the same power I will need to use my I7 PC for an hour!

Finally, some limitations...

Running CLI is OK, but once you start getting UI intensive like web pages, the PI starts to crawl, but as a media center it is the best :)

Do you have a PI? Let us know your experiences...

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