First woman with a driving license

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

First woman with a driving license

So, at lunch last day, there was this discussion of the first Saudi woman getting her drivers license and whether the Saudis should be proud or ashamed about it. The topic quickly turned to making Muslim woman wear black gowns and how bad and cruel that is. I tried to explain to my friend about that not being the case and I couldn't. I felt bad that I was not able to put my ideas through. So, I decided to write about it...

I totally agree with my friend on couple of points:
1. Restricting women from getting Driving licenses or going to the Moon is not something to be proud of, Islam doesn't say that, Saudis does.
2. Having women totally clad in black in the middle of the hot desert is cruel.

Let me clarify some of the confusions about woman clothing.
First off, back in the old days, women going out in the hot desert was very rare and so dressed in black was ok.

Why should women be penalized because men can't stop looking?

That is not how it is. Let me just try to explain.

As per Islam, a women should dress her best for her husband. Put on the best dress, put on makeup etc. while she is home with her husband, for her husband. And, when she is out in front of strangers, she should be dressed down and modest and don't show her body or her body shape so that she won't arouse other men.

Consider this scenario. A married man goes out to work and sees young ladies dressed all pretty and revealing. Then he gets back home to his wife and definitely he will start comparing his wife with those pretty ladies. While the marriage is new and wife is young, the comparison is ok. But, as they grow older and wife gets less pretty, the comparison will weigh the wife down and will cause the husband to resent the relation. If there was no other women to compare with, then the marriage stays the best.

Making women be completely dressed is not a punishment, it is the woman's responsibility to her community and fellow men to help them stay out of bad thoughts.

Why should it be black?

It doesn't have to be black. Back in the old days, women chose black as it was the least provocative color. Islam doesn't have any rule saying it should be black. Ladies do use other colors to cover themselves. But, white robe will be more revealing compared to black for the same cloth thickness.


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